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Old 09-21-2021, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by walleyefan9 View Post
Well, after trying for 2 hours (I kid you not) to thread 12 lb. backer mono through the sheath of the leadcore, with 6" of lead removed, I gave up and tied a double uni knot. I hope it works, or this experiment will be a failure. I pulled on it pretty hard, and it didn't budge, so we'll see.
the best way I know in your case where you have 2 reels to spool. take 1 reel spool the 5 colors on the reel. then tie on your backer and fill the reel with the backer taking note as to how much backer you used. cut the backer and tie the end of the backer to the other reel. now spool the backer and lead onto that reel, it should be full. now tie the backer to the empty reel and spool the amount of backer you used on the other reel then tie your lead to the backer and put the 5 colors on top. both reels will have the same amount of backer and 5 colors and be full. full doesn't mean ready to go over the sides. leave just a little space at the top.

I use the 17 Daiwa reels and love the small size. 4 of my sg17lca reels bit the dust this yr. I contacted tunasreeltroubles.com to get them repaired but was told they were too old. so I'm replacing them with the 203 reels. i just hope they hold 150' of 16 lb ande line and 300' of 65 lb power pro braid.
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