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Old 03-23-2002, 10:26 PM
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Default Paddle Wheels and Transducers ?

I posted the same question on the Pro page but I'm anxious. I'm buying a TR-1 and want to put a graph on the back of my boat so when I'm turned around I can keep an eye on the depth and things. Here is my problem,I've got a Bottomlone HR on my bowmount and a Lawrance 350A on my dash. I'm purchacing a X-51 to put on the bow and taking the HR and putting on the back because it has GPS. Therefore I will have the Bottomline transducer and the 350A transducer both on the back of the boat,can I mount these tranducers close to each other and still have them work correctly.If not,why,and how should I go about this. Have never tried it before and really don't want to have interference. Part 2 of my question I can never get a speed reading with my paddlewheels unless I'm trolling 2 1/2 MPH and up. Is this normal or what. I've been using my SOG but would like to resolve this problem, any thoughts.
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