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Old 10-01-2021, 12:24 PM
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I load 140gr Ballistic tips in my 280 and they can be a bit explosive at high velocity. Like hitting a deer with a hand grenade. A 140 accubond will hold together and nicely mushroom on both elk , mule deer, whitetail and goats.

Although I don't load 300 win mags, I have load 7mm Reg Mag, 3006, 308, 35whelen.

My immediate suggestion if you are one rifle deer and elk hunting kind of guy is find a 165 grain bullet like a Nosler Accubond. At 300 Win Mag velocity this bullet will perform exceptionally well on both whitetail and elk. Honestly Elk are not hard to kill unless you don't hit the vitals. I rolled several with a .257rbts with 120 partition.

If you don't hand load you should be able to find a similar 165 gr load that will DRT any critter walking in the lower 48 and then some.

Having one load gives you the ability to know what it does at all ranges regardless of what your hunting or playing re-sighting in games for potential different impacts from the different loads.

As far as recoil... it is a 300 win mag. It is going to have some smack to it, If you hand load, try to find the most accurate load vs what is going to give you the most bone crushing velocity (mostly your shoulder) load.

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