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Old 12-06-2008, 01:06 PM
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Default wont work

Im not scientist, but this lenght vs weight system is not going to work. Yea a 30 in walleye in spring should go 10 - 13 lbs, but after spawn you loose half the weight, so there goes the formula, same with other sizes of fish. Unless thats what the pic is for. But it wont work they way they want it to, in my litte opinion. Just look a people some are fat and some skinny, but all might be the same height. Simple example.

Having fished as an amature a couple times the fee to enter if ok, but the random prize drawing sucks, it just sucks. I can enter a raffel anywhere, alot of times for free. What if its a jiggin and rigging bite, and an amature catches all the fish, it does happen too, all your hard work should be rewarded other than a drawing. I know you also get pro advice when entering, but i fished with "pros" who didnt know there butts from there face. So sometimes that didnt work out either.

I hope my opinion isnt too bad, i know some others will side with me and others wont, i wish them all the luck, but i dont think it will last too long for them.

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