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Old 12-11-2012, 08:14 PM
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As far as a walleye boat that handles rough water, they dont make one. Well not if you consider a walleye boat under 21 foot.[/QUOTE]

Has anyone defined "rough water"? Is 2-3 footers rough or is that 5-6 footers? All boats will get wet running at an angle in wind blown waves if
they are big enough.
And is that trolling or running?
Not many are running very fast in 5-6 footers.
Even if the boat could handle it most people can't.
And how many have actually fished in 5-6 foots waves in a walleye boat?
How many have taken a wave over the bow? I have, but that's why I have
a bow cover.
I have had people get sick in waves less than that.
Just wondering.
US Army, 67-69, Vietnam..
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