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Old 12-13-2012, 07:27 PM
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Default big chop

In the dakotas in the tourneys I've fished when the waves get big the only guys I see blowing by all of us are the guys with the big Yarcrafts. Looks like they can take the big waves better and the things just plain fly as far as mph go.
The old tundras had a heck of a ride in big stuff and the new nitro looks like a darn good boat, its just to bad bps is behind the thing as far as warranty goes.
Love the fit and finish of a ranger , just not the price.
But if I wanted to go nuts on 4+ footers it would be with a big Yarcraft with bubbles "not a windshield".
This coming from a skeeter guy "Skeeter I feel is about the best bang for your buck out there".
Would love to take the big nitro out some day thou!
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