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Old 04-08-2021, 07:14 PM
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Default New Boat Set-up

I'm in the process of building a new boat (Ranger 621) and am confused about all of the electronics options. I will be primarily walleye and musky fishing with a little crappie and bass fishing mixed in at times.

I'm leaning towards Hummingbird electronics because of the SI, DI, and 360 capabilities as well having all the lake mapping built it.

Tentatively, I'm thinking I would go with the Helix 12 MSI GPS G4N for the console with a mega through hull transducer. At the bow I'm thinking of a Helix 10 MDI GPS G4N. The trolling motor that I think I wants a Terrova 112/ MDI / iPilot LINK/ 72" BT 36V. These are all factory options when building this Ranger.

I have a couple of questions about this potential set-up. Will the 2 Helix units be able to communicate with each other and share waypoints? In other words if I mark a waypoint on my console unit, will I be able to see it on the bow unit?

I've heard that some trolling motors can be set to take you to a waypoint. Would this combination of trolling motor and electronics provide this capability?

Would the through hull transducer perform as well as one mounted off the transom?

I will probably go with a Garmin Panoptics Livescope unit in the bow also. But this won't be set up by Ranger.

Anyone see any issues with this set-up? Any suggestions to make it better? I thought about the Solix units but I've read that they use a lot of battery power and I'm also not sure how much I would like the touch screen on cold wet days. I am open to the Solix models though if there are good reasons to consider them.

Thanks and sorry for so many questions. I want to get this boat right the first time.

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