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Old 08-03-2019, 06:52 AM
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Default New Vendor - Troll Master Depth Calculator App

Iíve been working this past year to develop the Troll Master Depth Calculator App. This app has grown from a concept to what I think is the most full-featured trolling app on the market in this short time. You can use this app while youíre on the water (no ads and internet not required), or even use it off the water to create your own depth charts.

The graphic below shows the tackle that is currently loaded into this app:

This app uses a physics-based calculation to calculate the depth of your lure based on your inputs. It accomplishes this by using the physics of drag and sinking forces to calculate the curved shape of the line underwater (see the example below).

The advantage to this approach is that it allows you to quickly and easily evaluate different combinations of lure, weight, diver, line length, speed, leader length, etc.. This is all highly dependent on having good data to plug into the software.

In most cases, I get this data from on the water testing. I have a standard set of tests that I do in order to identify those variables that control drag and the diving forces.

In other cases, I am able to get data from published depth curves. The Dipsy Divers are a great example of this. Using their published depth curves, I am able to extract the information needed to predict the drag forces and diving forces at different speeds. This is then easy to check, as the results from the app calculation should very closely match the published depth curves (which they do).

Please feel free to PM me here on Walleye Central or email me at [email protected]

Trevor Lewis

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