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Old 01-21-2018, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by pinwheeled View Post
Both Indiana and IL are states on my list. After this year in Kansas I will be going to either IN, or IL. Mag do you go with an outfitter or public land or DIY private. What state do you like better?
I hunt private ground in both states, I lease in Indiana and I'll be using an outfitter in Illinois. Ive taken my biggest whitetail deer in Illinois but there's just as big of bucks here in my own state. My favorite place to hunt is in Montana, that's where I took the mule deer in my avatar pic. Illinois has good hunting but a lot of pressure since it gets a lot of attention from the TV shows. I can't recommend an outfitter in Indiana as I don't know any of them. Don't over look Northern Missouri it's a sleeper and tags are over the counter.
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