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Old 09-04-2019, 08:42 AM
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That's looks to be about the most cumbersome walleye fishing boat I've seen. Heck that thing is worse than a lot of ski boats. Unless your plan is to pull down riggers from the back and it's the only way you plan to fish, I seen nothing that impresses me. There's a reason open bow, no top, fiberglass, multi-spieces boats have taken over the the mid-west walleye fishing world. It's because they balance, versatility, ride, dryness, interior storage, handling, tracking, and overall comfort and convenience. It's not rocket science. As far as looks, that's all personal preference, one guy might like all white or no poly-flake and the next might think a bright poly-flake purple with a sparkly orange stripe looks fantastic, to each there own. If the colors are well coordinated, I think the general population sure appears to have leaned towards the poly-flake boats. I'll use Yar-craft for an example as every boat is a custom color application, there are no canned pre-order color combos. I bet more than 90% of their total yearly builds have some poly-flake in the scheme, and most of those are custom ordered by the buyer, not dealer stock units. Food for thought.