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Old 07-09-2019, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DW View Post

That’s pretty harsh. Careful inspection of all makes of boats that are 8 years old would reveal a lot of aluminum boats with some crevice corrosion. It goes along with dock rash that accumulates over the years no matter how careful the owner. Leaking rivets is a risk that goes with riveted boats. Everyone that buys one should do so with open eyes.

The OP can replace the fuse panel cable and everything will be ok.
So i think you were definitely 100% correct about it being crevice corrosion. I pulled up the rear deck and didnt see anything out of the ordinary. And while it was out, i cleaned up the bilge. It wasn't any type of corrosion, just grime. Thank goodness. Back to shiny aluminum.

Just had to be sure though, as i have never seen the white corrosion along the splashrail before (gap between the hull) up until this season.

The paint bubbling ill learn to live with as its already 8 years old, and its difficult to say whether its from corrosion or crappy prep.

What would you do about the two leaky rivets? Replace? Seal with a compound like Gluvit?

Still had continuity with the hull, but if i measured voltage, it was 0.02-0.05. So i dont think its an issue. A another member mentioned the motor wiring harness still being connected, maybe thats why i had a positive reading.
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