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Old 06-15-2021, 07:01 PM
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Had a chance to talk with a guy at RELiON today, and the 23F minimum storage temperature of their LiFePO4 batteries is one of the things I asked him about. He said that's their specification because there's a risk that the computers in their batteries will be damaged by temperatures colder than that, and he recommended that folks such as myself who live where it gets colder than that either remove the batteries for storage someplace warmer or buy one or more heating blankets suitable for use with batteries.

I mentioned that Battle Born specifies a much more accommodating -10F minimum storage temperature for their LiFePO4 batteries, and he said that's the point at which the cells in any such batteries would start to be damaged by the cold. He suggested that Battle Born's in-battery computers may be at just as much risk to damage from temperatures below 23F as are RELiON's, but Battle Born may have decided that the risk is small enough to be worth taking so they can advertise that much lower minimum storage temperature.

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