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Walleye Message Central - View Single Post - TERRIBLE anxiety!!! Really appreciate help/ideas.
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Old 09-21-2016, 06:32 PM
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Surely you realize that you have the pup for just a short amount of time. Delmar Smith(Best way to train your bird dog)said in his book a dog is like a blank black board. Every time you put something on that board(dog's mind) it stays there. You can train around faults but never really erase them. You need lots of patience and time to fix things that have already been ingrained. Jul's idea is dead on. A ton of reinforcement and positive attitude from you will eventually help your situation. The huge thing to remember is a dog can sense if your mad, sad, nervous or scared and will act upon these "shows" that humans exhibit. This is the HARDEST part of training a dog. While dog training I've had dogs that have been abused(you won't believe what people do trying to train a hunting dog) and I've worked with the animal and had it respond to my positive and rewarding behaviors. Then demonstrate to owner how to work with the dog using what I had trained the animal. Sadly many times the owners don't change their behaviors and the dog goes back to its old ways.
You need to earn it's trust sometimes it takes a lot more time than you think. Get a chance read Delmar Smith even if your not raising a hunting dog. Great for learning about dogs. Delmar thought like a dog.
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