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Old 04-21-2015, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by NCESI View Post
I have had 2 Traeger grills. One is the original and 10+ years old and works great, we bought a newer one 4 years ago and it was made overseas and was a POS in my opinion and did not last. Just rebuilt the old one and have turned it into my fish smoker. I like to keep meat and fish separate.

We bought a Memphis grill this past summer and wow what a difference. High quality, insulated all around and all Stainless steel. It is made in Minnesota, Bloomington I believe and is well worth the extra cost. Like anything you get what you pay for but they are spendy. It cam smoke at 160 deg. and grill steaks at 650.00. there is a special grill plate with holes in it for searing steaks so the flame can come up and kiss the steaks and put a nice char on them. We really like the Memphis and would recommend them to anyone.

The Trager is good as well but the one we bought was foreign made and it showed. Not sure if it was that particular model or if all of them are now made overseas.
Never had better and made right here in Minnesota!
Bill Sloneker
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