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Old 04-22-2015, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Wally66 View Post
I checked with the company that makes the pellets that I use in my home pellet heater. They are made exactly the same as the ones for cooking are. Nothing but wood and water are used in the process. They even have a pellet grill that the employees use all of the time with their pellets. Hardwood pellets are the ones you want. I used them in my smoker and they were fine. I might mix them with some Hickory pellets. They are only $5 for 40 lbs.

They may have worked fine. A few things to consider.

There is a reason that the cooking pellets cost significantly more, and there is much debate by some trying to save $15 bucks a bag. (Google heating pellets verses cooking pellets.) I understand that. However heating pellets are not made with food grade dies, lubricants to get them through the dies, holding bins, etc. Risking the health of family and friends does not seem worth saving a few bucks for me.

On another note, welcome to walleye central!
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