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Old 06-07-2021, 10:45 AM
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Thanks all. Here is some clarification, especially after having discovered the Lake List menu option.

On my pc
  • Both lakes are showing up on the Hummingbird ChartSelect application.
  • When I originally used the app to save to the SD Card, I selected all check boxes (both lakes). It took quite a while and the messaging noted it downloaded successfully.
  • If I browse the SD card with Windows File Explorer, I can see folders and files for both lakes.
  • I thought I could try downloading again but when selecting the map info and attempting to save, the Download button is grayed out. I presume it's a license limitation because I already did so?

On my graph
  • I originally was just moving over the map using the left/right/up/down button. Sitting in my yard I was able to drill in on one of the lakes and see the counters, but when drilling into the other lake it didn't have anything.
  • I was at the lake this weekend that had the contours. I did not need to select the lake, everything just worked.
  • I have now found the Map List menu option. If I go to the list, it only shows 1 of the 2 lakes.

I have an email into their support but haven't heard back yet.
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