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Old 02-17-2018, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by BigRedSmokey View Post
Hello All,

I'm heading to Kenoji thru PFO first week of Sept 2018. I haven't found much about the lake yet. If you've been there and have any info/tips, I would sure appreciate any insight. I would also be interested in any tips for Pike & walleye fishing this late in the year.

You are going to have a blast on Kenoji when you go. We fished it a couple of years ago in early June. Mike will help you identify a couple of general areas to start though we found great fishing all over that lake (and up the river). It is a big lake/river system but we never had to go far from the cabin to catch walleye unless you wanted to explore north or south of the cabin. For the pike, we fished the bays across and south of the cabin and had good luck and saw some monsters that we couldn't get to bite. Depending on the water level, if the river is up you can ride for miles and there is decent Pike fishing all along. We had a couple of guys who left in the morning with an extra tank of fuel and they went north and returned late that evening. Their pictures were amazing and they caught some decent pike (30in and up). On a couple of other days we had guys who wanted to see if they could catch 100 walleye and both times they started at daylight and were at 100 by lunchtime! Truthfully, you could catch all the walleye you wanted for supper from the dock. We used pretty standard stuff in terms of tackle. Jig and minnow or jig and crawler for walleye. Spoons, jointed raps for pike. A depth finder is really helpful on this lake to find some of the deeper holes. All in all, this was probably my favorite lake that we have fished with PFO and I think in September you are going to find it to be amazing.
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