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Old 09-14-2021, 08:59 AM
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I had a similar experience years ago.
My father in law had a pair of trout ponds below a spring up in the mountains on his ranch.
There was a family reunion and my mother in law said that we needed 22 trout to feed the group.

I will say, that many in the group had never really fished before.

We were using fresh caught grasshoppers for bait on that day.

I helped a bunch of the folks rig up their line and many of the folks hooked a fish but had trouble landing the fish.

I started with 4 lb line and had a bunch of bites, but I couldn't get them to the bank due to the vegetation in the pond when the fish would wrap itself in the plants and break the line.

Finally, I switched to 6 lb line and began to land the fish. Unfortunately most of the other folks also hooked the fish, but had trouble getting any to shore.

But, finally, to get bit - I went back to 4 lb line and changed my retreive enough to be able to get the multiple bites maneuvered through the plants and back to shore. At the end of the day, enough fish were caught to fill the 22 fish quota and give a great dinner to everyone in the group.

But, the point of the discussion was that there was a tremendous difference in the number of bites by the line shy rainbow trout on this particular day by the line size difference between 4 and 6 lb test line.

The lines were the same brand, same color - just the diameter was different.

Best wishes.
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