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Old 02-19-2021, 07:34 AM
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Default Roller Trailer Capacity

I’ve tried searching through the forums about Alumacraft and Lund boat trailers, but couldn’t find the weight capacity answer I was looking for….so I thought I would ask. I’m looking to purchase a new boat in the start of next year and have been giving it my due diligence, as it’s my first boat purchase. I’ve narrowed it down to an 1875 Impact XS or Competitor FSX 185. (Wife/2 boys, Canada trips) The one issue I keep seeing is the maximum capacity for roller trailers that both manufactures are offering. They seem to max out at 3,000lb, which is an issue when I estimate the total weigh on each boat. I could be looking at this completely wrong, missing some major items, and wanted some insight.

1875 Impact XS: 1520#, Merc 150 Pro XS (Wet) 470#, Fuel 227#, Kicker (Merc EFI 9.9) 125#, Batteries (3x AGM G31) 207#, Trolling Motor 80#, Spare Tire 60#, Misc – HB x2, Charger, B.O.S, Anchor, Rope, Fire Ext, Poles, Boxes etc) 170# - Total: 2859lb

I feel that’s cutting it rather close to the maximum weight rating for the trailer. If one person is actually in the boat loading it or you have any extra gear inside, you’ll likely be over. I see that Lund offers a Custom tandem roller trailer, which I assumed would bump it to a 4,000# rating. But Alumacraft doesn’t have this option. The reason I’m looking for a roller vs bunk, is the launch points where we fish in Ontario are shallow and we have constant problems getting the boats (16’ & 18’) into the water. We even bought surfix bunk glides, which worked well until they got any dirt on them. I also have lower back disc problems, so the days of lifting the bow up and forcefully pushing boats into the water are becoming more painful.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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