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Old 06-13-2021, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by gbin View Post
That's because almost all of the compressors in consumer-grade dehumidifiers sold in the U.S. are cheap crap made by the same few companies in China (Even if the other components and case are "Made in the USA"). You can find much better dehumidifiers that are actually made in the USA, but there aren't many and they aren't cheap; of course, they'll eventually more than pay for themselves by not needing frequent replacement.

There was just another thread on this subject. I and a few other people put our recommendations there:


Sorry, I missed this thread. I guess I wasn't interested in learning about crappy dehumidifiers until today when I realized mine was toast. Pooch paid $800 for a dehumidifier? Yikes, that does look like a heavy duty unit and will probably pay for itself eventually, but $800 is a big pill to swallow. I'll probably just shell out another $200 and complain about it again next year.
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