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Old 08-17-2021, 10:27 AM
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Default A few questions about installing Mercury's Active Trim system on my 2020 620FS Cup

I'm definitely going to install Mercury's Active Trim system on my 2020 620FS Cup, as it seems like an easy way to improve both the performance of my boat and the convenience of operating it. (I'm getting the hang of properly trimming while motoring since buying my boat - my first ever - last year, but I'm still learning and I'd be happy to focus on other things, instead. ) I've read the manual and other material available on the company's website, but I've a couple of questions for folks here who are knowledgeable about installation.

The manual says that the keypad assembly should be installed "In a location that provides a clear view of the sky without overhead obstructions" and "At least 61 cm (24 in.) from speakers, VHF, satellite, and radar antennas, or other equipment that produces radio frequency transmissions, or magnetic fields."

Does that first point mean that it should NOT be installed on a vertical surface? How about a slanted surface?

Given both points, do folks with boats such as mine have a particular spot they like to put this? I don't have a stereo system, but I do have factory-installed VHF, etc.

I'm also considering installing a Zipwake system at some point in the future (if this can be done on my boat, which I'm still figuring out). The Active Trim manual mentions there being a Trim Tab Interface Kit, and says that although the "Active Trim system will not control the trim tabs," the "VCM [vessel control module] reads the tab sensor position and transmits it on CAN P for use with SmartCraft gauges" (which I have).

Is there any reason I should wait to install the Active Trim system until after I've installed (or determined that I won't be installing) a Zipwake system? Or can I easily change the Active Trim system's installation to incorporate that Trim Tab Interface Kit after the fact?

As always, thanks a lot for any and all knowledgeable/experienced advice you can provide! And bonus thanks for any photos you post of installations on boats like mine!

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