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Walleye Message Central - View Single Post - Best temporary way to plug livewell/baitwell in my 620FS Cup?
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Old 09-22-2021, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by gbin View Post
Thanks, L2F, that information should prove helpful after I remove my mesh caps and can see for sure what I'm dealing with. With any luck it'll then be obvious exactly what plug(s) I need.

I don't really see much point in adjusting or replacing stuff to try to make the wells function properly, especially after having turned the boat over to my dealer to do so once already. If/when I want to use them as wells they will do fine, and to use them for dry storage - after what I've experienced and especially what I've read many other folks have experienced - I'll want them plugged, as I mentioned.

Seems like a meaningful design/manufacturing issue given that so many people experience the same few problems (bad valves, poorly adjusted cables) so often, doesn't it? I'm a lifelong fishkeeper as well as a fisherman, and I can assure you that no one in the fishkeeping hobby would tolerate such; the second time a person had a valve fail to close for whatever reason and an aquarium leaked out on the floor, word would go out far and wide and that device would stop selling in pretty short order. Maybe Flowrite needs more competition.

Yep, you are welcome. Hopefully one of those plugs will work. I think Flow-Rite has changed their plumbing lines over time but I don't think that is necessarily true of the valves. I don't know if they are the top product line out there but they are the only line of valves I see in the boats I fish out of. I too wish they were a bit more reliable. Good luck with your live well issue.

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