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Old 06-14-2021, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Baseline View Post
My dehumidifier must be an anomaly or all dehumidifiers. It is a $200 old Whilpool that is at least 15 yers old. I'm surprised it has kept working, but it does. One thing I always do is take it apart and clean off the evaporator coils on both sides each year.
Not an anomaly, though I wouldn't be surprised if your annual cleaning helps. Much older dehumidifiers appear to have far better longevity on average than what's for sale these days, presumably because of the new ones' cheaply made Chinese compressors. I say bite the bullet and buy one that's expensive but genuinely American-made as it'll ultimately more than pay for itself, but I know a few people that have successfully hunted down old, used dehumidifiers that folks were getting rid of even though they still worked fine. That's obviously the best way to go, but what are the odds a person will find such when they go looking to replace their latest $200 piece of Chinese junk?

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