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Old 03-17-2011, 09:16 PM
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One thing about the rainy/lotw during the spring...if you plan your trip in advance, your rolling the dice. We had a year where we got up there, couldn't get on the water due to ice. A few years we got POUNDED with snow or nasty cold and the ramps went from open to ice. Guys were shoveling/salting the landings, trucks sliding down the ramps or unable to pull up them. Mother nature can throw a real twist on things up there. This stuff has only hampered our trips 3 or so times in 20 years...but it happens! Trying to find out what the ramp conditions are now does nothing for next week or weeks from now. They change with the weather. Can you get a 19'er on the water..."most" of the time. But don't suprised if you get all the way up there and things don't go as planned. We generally use the public landing at wheelers point, good landing...can't miss it.

We no longer set our trip/dates in stone...we get a tenative date set. Keep up with reports/weather in the days prior and make a decision a day or two ahead of time. Ramp conditions, bite, weather, ice, open/closed dam? Been a few years we delayed a week.

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