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Old 03-18-2011, 11:33 AM
Arnie Mn
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Default Rainy in April

Conibear and Birks, don't be intimidated by the boat traffic. This trip is a phenominal trip probably 8 out of 10 yrs. Yes, mother nature sometimes will have snow, rain, wind.... like any trip could. The boat traffic will be heavy in some areas but move down the river another half mile and you are out of the community holes. Fish are constantly on the move, swimming up river. It might be slower for an hour or two and then its like the mother load entered into the area and you literally catch 20-30 eyes in an hour with 2-3 guys in the boat. Watch clementson resort and you will know exactly when its time to make the run up there. I will be there April 7-9th as well. Usually that time of year, no snow issues but potential for rain and yes, the ramp has been an issue some mornings if the air temp is below freezing. The best thing anglers can do is launch your boat, pull your trailer up out of the water and stop and let the water drain out/off of the trailer at bottom of the ramp.. then pull out the rest of the way. The extra 20 seconds on the ramp makes a world of difference on not getting a sheet of ice on the entire ramp. There are literally hundreds of thousands of walleyes in the river by that time of year and you can catch them in 8-12 feet of water and catch them in 17-22 feet of water. There is always room somewhere on the river. I don't let some of the less respectful idiots ruin this trip for me and my two sons. Last year we caught 19 fish over 7lbs with 3 over 9lbs. 3/8ths oz and 1/2 oz usually do the trick each year depending on the current. If ramps have ice on them, go east farther another 10 miles and likely a ramp will be open. It shouldn't be an issue though by that second weekend of April. Great memories!!

Gd luck!
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