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Old 10-05-2021, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by C&K View Post
Yeah, we got a couple photos of him. Must be in a different computer, can't find 'em in this one. Few years ago the DNR had the wild idea to try to catch one they seen over by Spooner there someplace and put a collar on it. But they never did catch it. They treed it once and shot it with a dart, which failed to stop it. The cat leaped like 30 feet over the dogs and left the scene and it was smart by then - it wouldn't tree no more. They chased it into the swamps and jungle of the North Woods and lost the track. Then the DNR, obviously outsmarted by the cat, said they gave up on it because the cat was "stressed out". The cat wasn't "stressed out" - it was more like long gone. Them cats can reach speeds of 50 mph thru brush so thick it takes dogs and people a whole day to get thru it. They are extremely powerful, but quite beautiful animals. We kinda like having 'em here.

I love these stories.
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