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Old 01-09-2019, 01:38 AM
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Anonymouse My post was meant for the OP that lives close to me. As far as fishing Lake Michigan with a deep v 19 foot boat. I think you are crazy if you think that is not safe. Less then 0 to 2 foot waves early mornings their are many smaller boats then mine fishing. Id guess at least 50- 60% of the boats that fish Lake Michigan are under 20 feet open bow boats. My boat is higher up in the air then Lund pro v. I have a 150 main motor and a T8 kicker motor. The kicker has a autopilot. I wear a inflatable life vest. Marine radio with distress button that sends gps location. Cordless lanyard that shuts the engine off if I fall in. If it starts to get to rough a quit. I have been fishing Lake Michigan since I was a kid. I just turned 50 this fall. So I am not a newbie taking chances. As far as calling me dumber then a box of rocks. Post like that can get you kicked of this board. Their is a way to Nicely disagree with people.
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