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Old 01-22-2019, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Snowking View Post
Anonymouse My post was meant for the OP that lives close to me. As far as fishing Lake Michigan with a deep v 19 foot boat. I think you are crazy if you think that is not safe. Less then 0 to 2 foot waves early mornings their are many smaller boats then mine fishing. I’d guess at least 50- 60% of the boats that fish Lake Michigan are under 20 feet open bow boats. My boat is higher up in the air then Lund pro v. I have a 150 main motor and a T8 kicker motor. The kicker has a autopilot. I wear a inflatable life vest. Marine radio with distress button that sends gps location. Cordless lanyard that shuts the engine off if I fall in. If it starts to get to rough a quit. I have been fishing Lake Michigan since I was a kid. I just turned 50 this fall. So I am not a newbie taking chances. As far as calling me dumber then a box of rocks. Post like that can get you kicked of this board. Their is a way to Nicely disagree with people.
Relax brah, it was a joke - sheesh, what happened to peeps sense of humor these days?

Yes, peeps can disagree, which is EXACTLY what Anonymouse did with your comment.
The fact you took it so badly is on you, not Anonymouse.
Some peeps are willing to take more risks than others, it doesn't make their actions any smarter just because they are willing to take them.

Anonymouse has been fishing on a perfectly calm day with zero wave action and even in a 22' cuddy had a struggle getting back upwind to the docks when a sudden squall blew up out of nowhere.
We saw the weather coming in fast, decided to up-anchor and run for home, but the anchor rope got caught on something and wouldn't come loose.
By the time we spent 20 minutes raising the DNR fish trap and rope it all got tangled in, the rain was pelting like hail and the waves were up to well over 4' of head and crashing over the bow.

This happened on Lake Mendota, which is only 8 miles in the longest direction.
Lake Michigan is almost 120 miles wide and over 300 long.
It doesn't take much to raise a significant head of waves on that body and Anonymouse has personally seen the awesome destructive power of that lake.

You can call Anonymouse crazy but it is Anonymouse's OPINION that anyone who spends time on Lake Michigan in a small open bow, more than a mile or two from shore, is a **** fool - regardless of the safety equipment you carry and wearing a life vest at all times, like Anonymouse does whenever on the water.
Even at 60 mph, it still takes 20 minutes to get under cover when you are 12 miles out fishing salmon & Anonymouse just related what can happen in 20 minutes on even a much smaller body of water.
With large rollers, that 20 minute journey can turn into an hour in a YUGE hurry.

But, as stated, Anonymouse is NOT adverse to occasionally taking some risk, or being a little foolish in pursuit of some fishin' fun - which is WHY he offered to go anyway.
He salutes the fact that you are so safety minded - many of those you see out there are not - but still, dude, 19' open bow on Lake Michigan?
Not exactly "safe" by any means, if you go more than a little ways offshore.
All it takes is one or two of those big waves falling IN the boat and suddenly you aren't ON the water anymore, yer IN it.
(Not to mention getting rolled over sideways.)

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