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Old 02-11-2012, 10:31 AM
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Default Apple help, (iMac guy, please)

I know people comment about asking non fishing questions on Walleye Central, but heck, I learn so much here.....

Here is my question, my wife and I are slowly converting to Apple products. We have two now, an iPhone and an iPad. We set up my wife's iPad using the same account info as my iPhone and iTunes account so we can share apps, music and other stuff. That part all works great.

Regarding iCal, can't get the calendars to snyc. Our hope was we could share calendars, such as I list my stuff on mine on the iPhone, it shows up on her iPad and hers does the same so we can keep track of appointments and schedules. I think its supposed to do that automatically through iCloud, which both devices are using. Doesn't work though. Closest Apple store for the Genius bar is an hour and a half away. Suggestions appreciated! Oh, and only one steelhead yesterday in the river. Boat had a good two inches of snow on the floor when we quit.

Paul C.
Mattawan, MI
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