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Old 02-02-2013, 12:02 PM
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Like a broke record, I will say again, the size of the fan base is the sole attraction to the sponsors or new potential sponsors. NOT the amount of anglers that fish and compete in the event. The bean counters that manage ad dollars look at only one thing hard and a few other smaller factors after the fact--"how many of our targeted consumer base are we reaching and what is the cost for each of the impressions we create by our sponsoring this or that event?" If there was TWO anglers competing or two hundred, it would not play a role with sponosrs involvement if the fan base dictated a good ad dollar investment for this or that potential sponsor.

This onoging business model that is based on "the anglers supporting the circuits" is a failure!! Proof is the history of all of the circuits over the years. Until the "circuits can support the anglers", it ain't ever gonna grow! And the only way the curcuits will support the anglers with real $$ ( like all other successful sports) is to attract sponsors through the creation of bigger a fan base. All this focus on attractiing anglers is a waste of time and money. Start focusing on the fan base. Create a game that attracts interest far beyond the guys that already are fans driving big fast walleye boats that own $200 rods. That group is TOO SMALL, relatively speaking, to attract real $$ via sponsors.

The broken record keeps on and on...LOL and on and on ......
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