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Old 03-20-2019, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by hawg View Post
Every led ive ever owned, and most were cheapies, seemed to eat batteries super fast. Even just sitting unused they seem to run down batteries. Anybody else have this problem or am I just cursed?
Nope, not cursed.
That's why they invented rechargable bacheries.
Alkaloid bacheries discharge by themselves too (12 months or more), albeit far slower than Ni-CAD (30 days) or Ni-MH (2 months or up to 6 months for the "Enerloop" technology ones).

Personally Anonymouse uses a cheapo Menard's Guidesman single LED with (4) AAA bacheries that has an adjustable beam focus (slide the shaft head in or out to get from 6' diameter beam down to 1' diameter beam from 5' shoulder height).
Silver-ish aluminum tube, a little under 6"x1", with a 2-mode (steady or rapid strobe), rubber-coated button switch located on the butt end inside a raised circumferance edge.
It cost like $4.99 on special, several years ago.
Use it EVERY SINGLE DAY, typically for a few minutes at a time, and a fully bright bulb recharge lasts maybe 1 hour total, with another hour of reduced power left in the rechargeable bacheries after that.
Wish it had a strap but - oh well....
Not military-grade bright but a lot brighter than the cheapie ones that only use 2 or 3 bacheries.

Owning several LED handy flashlights, definitely go for one that uses (4) bacheries instead of just (3).
Brighter, and last longer.
Don't buy ones with the button switch on the side - guaranteed problems within 12 months.

For area lighting Anonymouse bought a 2-pack of these red plastic square flashlights at Menard's that have 3 modes (3 LED beam & 6 LED bright/dim modes area light on the other end).
They have a rubber head around the beam end to stand up on for area lighting.
Anonymouse was SHOCKED at how long the (3) AA alkaline bacheries last in low light area mode - all night easily.
In fact, still haven't exhausted the original (3) alkaline AA it came with.
Excellent emergency travel light for the vehicle & dirt cheap at $6 for the pair.

Head Lamp was courtesy of the local cable guy, who forgot his after a service call.
Charter/Spectrum can afford to replace it.

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