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Old 02-16-2020, 06:15 AM
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Default Question about cold weather fishing

Looking for suggestions. I in the past, always quit fishing about October, and would start up again in March. I would spend the time upland bird hunting in the winter. My bird dogs have passed of old age, and I am just not interested anymore in hunting much.
I live in Kansas, several days in the winter months we have highs in the 50s, even some 60s. Water temps usually about 35 degrees give or take. I am wanting to fish year round.
Question is this.
What gear...ie....what clothing, gloves, boots, etc do you all use to stay warm? Are the gortex items a must. I won't be fishing in snow or rain, but I do want to stay warm, and looking for suggestions on what has worked well for you all.
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Old 02-16-2020, 07:34 AM
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That Minnesota guy That Minnesota guy is online now
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I don't fish in that weather but many guys up here in Minnesota do. They wear their snowmobile suits or heavy bibs & jackets. Layering is the best thing to do. When warm out you can peel a layer off. They also will bring several pair of the brown Jersey gloves and change often if the fish are biting and they get wet. I have heard some will use a Big Buddy heater or a Sunflower heater in the boat on colder days. The Sunflower they set in a milk crate so it doesn't tip.

Always, always wear a life vest. Be careful, with the bulk of clothing you won't be as nimble as you normally are.

From the outside and not having done it those are a few things I have seem written that guys do.

Be safe & have fun.
With my head in the sand about currant events it's hard to talk about fishing.
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Old 02-16-2020, 07:56 AM
iBigmacius iBigmacius is online now
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We fish up here on the bay of quinte until it freezes up. Usually thatís mid-end December.

Most wear a floater suit which is very warm also. Gloves, head wear thatís warm and warm boots are a must. If your feet get cold your day is ruined. I also love hand warmers to put inside my gloves. That way if I take them off to work lines or do something, theyíre toasty warm when I put them back on. Huge game changer on those days that are near freezing out.

Otherwise, a thermos of hot coffee is all I need in addition to above.

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Old 02-16-2020, 08:43 AM
peter8 peter8 is offline
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One item to add to the list would be stick on toe warmers. It will be the best 99 cents you will spend. Place them by the pad on your foot and toes and you are good to go. For me my feet were the first part to get cold...now it is a non issue. One brand name is Heat Factory. Enjoy...
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Old 02-16-2020, 09:58 AM
grizzley grizzley is offline
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While cold and still open water I wear a Striker hardwater jacket, warm lined or insulated pants, HW poly underwear, wool shirt, warm hat, 1200 gr. hunting boots or Mickey Mouse boots, fingerless wool mitts with light gloves or just bare fingers, and carry a Coleman heater in the boat either to dry off hands or warm them up.
I'm pretty comfy and basically the same gear I wear to ice fish.
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Old 02-16-2020, 12:12 PM
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I thought you said cold 50 degrees is not really that cold, with the Sun out that can feel more like70. For fishing in those conditions just a good set of cool weather gear and boots should work fine.
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Old 02-16-2020, 01:27 PM
brigeton brigeton is offline
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I fish anytime the weather is above freezing and there's open water. I wear a Striker flotation suit. Underneath that I have a long underwear top, sweatshirt, down vest and a light fleece. I like the aviator hats. Nothing keeps your head and ears warmer. I use fingerless gloves with handwarmer packs.
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Old 02-16-2020, 05:35 PM
clawman clawman is offline
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Default winter fishing

This is my favorite time of year, there are not many other boats out and walleye fishing on the Columbia river is awesome. Lots of times when I get on the water in the morning the temps will be in the upper 20's but warm to mid 30's and maybe low 40's.
On top start with a hard outer shell that will cut the wind, followed inward by a down or other jacket that carries some bulk. I were a down vest under that. You don't want anything tight, air space is your friend as that air will be warm. As a base layer I wear a long sleeve pima cotton shirt with cowl neck. Whatever outer shirt you like but NOT tight.
bottoms- Simms long underwear, flannel lined jeans or heavy cotton sweat pants lined Goretex rain pants.
shoes- cold comes up from the bottom more than from the top. My shoes are 1 size oversized with 1/4" fleece insole. Socks should be a wool blend and NOT tight on top. I don't fool with hand warmers or foot warmers, I'm there to fish not fiddle with a little bag.
I found a Filson wool lined hat with ear flappers to do a great job on top. Add hood as needed or desired.
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Old 02-16-2020, 08:13 PM
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Some good advice but check out a couple more, on Amazon they have battery heated cloths,..I love mine, a battery keeps me warm for 4 hours on high,..longer on med or low,..So you can buy extra rechargeable batteries . for longer times,..they have socks and gloves,..The big technology is from the newer Lithium ion batteries,

Then there is the new insulation,..Aerogel (look it up on youtube. MUCH thinner cloths as about a 1/4 inch of the stuff insulates better than a down jacket.IE: I believe one inch of styrene board is about 4=5 and aerogel is around 50...They have made it flexible for clothing. Used to be very expensive but now they have found a better way to make it.
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Old 02-16-2020, 08:13 PM
REW REW is offline
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Any time that I want my feet to stay warm, I put on a single pair of socks and my La Crosse Ice King insulated boots. Particularly when one is sitting still with no movement of the feet, it is tough to keep the feet warm. Simply put, with these boots, you will not have cold feet or toes.


For the fishing you are talking about, I like to wear a snow mobile suit. But, I also have an oversized set of rain gear for the times that you run into a rain or snow shower. Don't want the snomobile suit to get wet.

I use a bomber style head gear to insure that my head stays warm.

If I am going out on a day when the temp is going to be in the 30s with a good wind blowing, I also bring along my insulated snow mobile helmet with full face visor. That way, if the temp drops and the wind kicks up, you put on your helmet, put down the visor - look straight into the wind and just sneer at the efforts to get you cold.

Also, if you decide to make a long high speed boat run in cold weather, the snow mobile helmet with full visor is the ticket to keep your head warm and for you to be able to look straight into the blast of a 50 mile wind as you fly across the lake in your boat.

I also bring along several pair of brown jersey gloves as has been pointed out before, but I never leave home on the cold days without a pair of buckskin choppers with a nice wool liner in each mitten. For warm hands over the course of the day- be sure to have along some well insulated mittens as I pointed out. With mittens, each finger can help to warm its neighbor finger. But, alas with gloves, each finger is segregated and gets no warmth from its neighboring finger.

Be safe
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