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Old 06-22-2010, 03:58 PM
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Location: Leech Lake Area MN
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One of our favorite appatizers is as follows.

1) Cube walleye into 1" cubes or bite size.
2) use one water chestnut per cube
3) Wrap 1/2 piece of thin bacon around walleye and water chestnut & secure with a toothpick
4) marinade in jamaken jerk sauce for an hour or so
5) we usa a wood pelet smoker ( Trager ) and mesquite pellets
6) set smoker on high and cook until bacon is slightly crispy.
7) Grab a beer and enjoy, but be fast about it we never seem to have any left after our friends start eating them, they go fast.

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Old 08-18-2010, 02:36 PM
Jig Man Jig Man is offline
Slot Fish
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Default Fish

Just got back from Canada and enjoyed the following:

Walleye Taco's w/ Chipolte Cream Sauce
Walleye Quesadillas
Cajun Walleye over Linguini Alfredo
Walleye Cakes
Baked Walleye Italiano

And of course the classics:
Deep fried Walleye w/ homemade potao chips
Pan fried wallye (1/2 Panko 1/2 parmesan Cheese)
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Old 08-27-2010, 12:37 PM
2746 2746 is offline
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I skimmed the posts and did not see a recipe for Walley gumbo. Anyone have one that's on the hot/spicey side?
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Old 09-07-2010, 01:47 PM
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AllenW AllenW is online now
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Nothing to fancy for me, I enjoy the taste of fresh walleye so my recipe is pretty simple.

One pan has eggs and milk in it, into a pound size baggie add the dry mixture of 1/3 frying magic and 2/3rds white flour and a bit of pepper..
You can vary this mixture depending on how salty you like, more fryin magic, more salty taste

Dump several pieces of fish (not to large, so they cook throughout) into the egg/milk mixture then into a baggie with the dry mixture, shake and drop into very hot canola oil or the oil of your choice, cook till crispy.

Save extras if any, for lunch the next day, even cold it's great.

Wife has a recipe for Halibut that has peanuts and such in it, turned out pretty good and it seems like it'd work for walleyes too, I'll try and find it.

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Old 09-07-2010, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by larrym View Post
I skimmed the posts and did not see a recipe for Walley gumbo. Anyone have one that's on the hot/spicey side?
This one was in the WC recipes......might be what you're looking for....

Worlds Greatest Gumbo...from Padre Russ (ARK)
This will not include walleye...but feel free to add some...it is Gumbo.

4 Duck breasts(2ducks)
2 chicken leg-quarters
1lb smoked sausage, cubed
1 lb bacon
6 Jalapeno Peppers(4 sliced, 2 whole)
2 yellow banana peppers(sliced)
1 medium sized white or yellow onion (chopped)
1cup rice...uncooked
2 8oz cans of whole tomatoes
red pepper/cayenne
Toni Catchiatories(sp) Cajun Seasoning
You can add veggies such as okra, beans, corn...anything...but I prefer it like this.

Cooking instructions:
Boil the Duck and chicken in separate pots in heavily seasoned water (Garlic powder, salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, whole peppers. Remove meat and save the CHICKEN BROTH. Cube meat and set aside.

Cook the rice and set aside.

Cut bacon into 1 inch squares and fry in cast iron skillet until extra crispy. Remove bacon from pan...keep grease in pan. Wisk in enough flour to lightly thicken the grease, removing all lumps (A reux). Lightly sauté the onions and sliced peppers in peppers in your reux. Add canned tomatoes and simmer on low heat until lightly boiling...add meat (Chicken, Duck, bacon, sausage)...simmer until lightly boiling again. Take a taste of the soupy part...season to taste. Remember "HOT is good." Pour into a pot (I use a 5 quart crock pot to keep from scorching) add rice to the pot as well. Mix together and let cook on lowest setting for 30 minutes to 6 hours adding chicken broth to keep at a "mashed potato consistency (you will understand)." This is not a soup...this is gumbo...this is thick gumbo...some people would rather call it Creole...I don't care what you call it...it is good. This warms up great and makes enough for a good group.

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Old 09-26-2010, 08:46 PM
dori.peterson dori.peterson is offline
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Default you all need wiredogs recipie for walleye

loved it as a kid, and love it as an adult..... yum
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Old 10-04-2010, 03:51 PM
octanehi5 octanehi5 is offline
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Location: Hamden Ct.
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Thumbs up Recipes

We use McCormick golden dipt beer batter,375 deg. hot peanut oil.home made tartar,Sweet pickel relish, mayo, pepper, That with fried vadalya onion and red potatos with crisp bacon pieces,and beer of your choise.
We also make a Cavechi with small walleye chunks,soaked in lime juice,cut thin into 1/4" strips the wally soak in the lime juice for and hour sturing it a few times the acid in the limes cook the fish.its very good.
We make a pouched walleye then make up your favorite ****tail scauce,katchup,horse radish,dash of worchester scauce,its good finger food
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Old 10-06-2010, 05:02 PM
stinkycat stinkycat is offline
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Default Micro Wave Walleye appitizer.... OH BABY..YUM YUM!

I know it sounds sacrilegious to micro wave walleye but for a great appetizer before the big fish fry:

1) Microwave walleye chunks or fillets until flakey done
2) "Very Important" dry fish with paper towels with no liquid when done
3) add a generous amount of butter
4) add a generous amount of Zartanna's (not sure of the spelling) Blackened seasoning
5) put back in microwave to melt the butter then serve.

With your favorite beverage..... they will be begging for more
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Old 10-13-2010, 07:32 AM
Mn Moose Mn Moose is offline
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Location: Longville, Minnesota
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Default Beer Bater

I ran across one of the best Beer Batter Fish recipes I can remember ever tasting. It came from my Mom "Marion Marchwick" . I found it in the old recipe file and it has to be made in advance of the meal, (about 4 hours) but if you are a good fisherman like my dad was my mom knew there would be fish to cook when John got back in from fishing!!
Here it is, enjoy it and pass it on to somebody else who enjoys deep fried fish.

Mix one cup of flour and a teaspoon of salt in a warm bowl(about a 4 quart bowl size)
Make a well in the center and add
1tbs salad oil
3/4 cup warm beer
1 egg yolk (note: yolk only but save the white for later)
mix quickly(batter will be thick), cover and let stand 3 to 4 hours
after the 3 to 4 hours you then fold in the egg white beaten stiff.
now dip the fillets in flour, then in the above batter mix,
drain off surplus batter.
deep fry 360 to 380 degrees
this can also be used for chicken and shrimp (note on moms recipe card)

here is my reciepe for a shrimp batter
buy a bag of seasoned croutons (beat it into nothing but crumbs, do it while it is still in the heavy vinyl bag)
rinse your shrimp off with water
now get one small bowl of flour,
another bowl with a beaten egg (like making scrambled eggs)
and finally the one bowl of seasoned crouton crumbs.
take one damp rinsed off shrimp and roll it around in the flour,
next dip it into the beaten egg
next coat the egg coated shrimp with the crouton crumbs
now deep fry till golden brown
this one is a lot of work but if its just the two of you its well worth the time. If there is more than two to feed get some help!!
I hope you get a chance to enjoy these receipies
Pat Marchwick
Longville,, Minnesota

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Old 11-18-2010, 08:28 PM
vince25 vince25 is offline
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Location: Miami,Florida
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Default Copy it.

1. Get your favorite beer and get 3 bowls, a ziplock bag and an outdoor fish fryer.

2. Get your ingredients. milk, flour, beaten eggs and cracker crumbs with you favorite seasoning. I use Lowrys. Add ceyanne pepper if you like it hot. Take a drink of beer.

3. Set OUTDOOR fryer up OUTSIDE for the sue happy people as they are meant to be OUTSIDE. Fill with peanut oil, has to be peanut oil because regular veg oil will make fish greasy, take a drink of beer. Heat oil to 350-375. Dont let it get any hotter than that cuz it will burn the fish and is dangerous.

4. While oil is heating up it is time to start breading fish, take a drink. You dip the fish in milk, it makes the flour stick, dip in flour, makes the egg stick, dip in egg, bet ya cant guess what sticks to the egg? The cracker crumbs. Throw a few pieces at a time in ziplock bag and shake up while drinking beer. Repeat til all fish is breaded.

5. Get another beer and take a drink. Oil should be hot by now so it is time to cook it. Place a few pieces at a time in fryer basket and lower into hot oil. Cook walleye 4-5 min or til golden brown. Make sure oil doesn't get above 375 degrees. Drink beer while fish is cookin. Once fish is done, remove from fryer and drain on paper towel and cover. Its ok to sneek a piece or two when your fishin buddies aren't lookin. Repeat til all fish is done.

6. Get another beer, shut fryer off and sit down and enjoy. In our camp if you prepare the walleye, ya don't have to do anything else that night. Somebody else gets the rest of the food ready and cleans up.

This is my favorite way to eat walleye. It is kind of time consuming and a little messy, during the flour and egg part, but it is delicious. I made walleye this way for my 80 year Grandma and she said it was the best she had ever had and could eat it everyday. Thats my story and I'm stickin to it. Now share yours.

OMG...or oh my God...O love it...when with matching beer.
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