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Old 03-25-2020, 06:14 PM
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Default fishing partner

I have a cottage in Conover wi, would like to have some friends join me. I have my own boat, I'm up there Apr thru Nov . In interested email me [email protected]


Ken VZ
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Old 09-19-2020, 11:35 PM
Anonymouse Anonymouse is offline
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Forgot all about this thread but it looks like it needs a bump to stay alive.
Opinions vary on Anonymouse around here but make no difference to him in the long run.
If all you care about is getting out on the Madison chain, you can probably suffer through a few hours with Anonymouse philosophizing to nobody in particular.

Under certain conditions Anonymouse now has a 22' cuddy to fish from that he'd be willing to take a chance on letting strangers fill a seat - 1 at a time.
Space gets a little precious with more than 2 peeps hanging lines off the sides and back of a cuddy-style rig, unless you have young bones, (which Anonymouse no longer does) and are willing to clamber about on the bow to fish off the front.
(Lucky you, Anonymouse will let you handle anchor duties off the bow cleat while yer out there. )

You don't need any tackle, or even a rod & reel - Anonymouse has a couple dozen spinning rigs with 4#, 6#, & 8# test lines all mounted on an assortment of low-end (price-wise) decent graphite rods between 5' & 7'.
Bare hooks &/or soft plastics tipped with live bait rule the day but Anonymouse also has a few dozen crankbaits of various incarnations available, (even a few baitcasting reels - bring your own rod) if that's how you roll.
You lose one to anything OTHER THAN a live piscatorial entity, oh well, it's your $3, due at closing time.
Just don't expect Anonymouse to up-anchor and move after 15 minutes of casting because nothing is hitting on your crankbait(s).

There is no particular bias against fishing multiple locations, just laziness in general and an acknowledgement that Mendota Walleyes in particular are notoriously fickle about deciding when they are hungry enough to investigate a presentation - & moving about won't change their attitude somewhere else.
They are always there on structure & you can see them frequently enough on the graph, but talking them into biting even live bait is always an exercise in eclectic semantics whispered to the fishing gods in a deep, rich, baritone - WHEN they happen to have their Beltone hearing aides turned on.
If and when your prayers are answered, it'll come in spades, with no ability whatsoever to get a bait down even as far as the bottom, without it being snatched and run off with at a high rate of speed by dense grouping clusters of smiling toothy demons with fins - anywhere in size from 1/4" inch short of being 18" and legal, to well in excess of 5#, with potential for an old sow over 10# always a possibility.

Mendota is managed for trophy fish these days, which means fewer big fish but YUGE when you catch one, and fewer "eaters" in general.
Once upon a time Mendota was one hella fishery for filling your freezer with tasty eaters but even with regular bi-annual stocking, the 1#-3# class has shrunken quite a bit now.

The 5 roolez:
1.) Anonymouse is DNR safety trained, the captain of the boat, and has final authority.
2.) "Safety first" is NOT a slogan, it is THE LAW on the boat. If at any time, the captain decides life or limb is at risk, his instructions will be followed without question.
3.) Life jackets on while the engine is engaged is mandatory - at rest is up to you.
4.) You WILL be given a short introduction to your duties & responsibilities, should the captain be incapacitated for any reason, before beginning the day's fishing.

5.) Conditions of the outing (duration, locations, amount of moving about prospecting, changing lakes, etc.) will be discussed and agreed upon BEFORE leaving shore, to avoid any mid-day arbitrariness & hard feelings creeping in as a result.
You will find Anonymouse EXTREMELY amenable and flexible with regard to your desired agenda, so long as it is set out clearly, ahead of time.
Re-negotiation of the agenda - or not, mid-trip, is ultimately the decision of the very reasonable, flexible, (and handsome as all get-out - keep yer wimminfolk locked up ), captain of the boat.

These roolz might seen a bit onerous, but your life and safety IS the responsibility of the captain of the boat & he takes YOUR life & well-being QUITE seriously - even above his own.

Last edited by Anonymouse; 09-19-2020 at 11:37 PM.
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