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Old 12-15-2019, 10:24 AM
Ozark Bob Ozark Bob is offline
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Location: Lakeview, Arkansas, USA.
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Originally Posted by clawman View Post
As always have a fire extinguisher on board... probably at hand if you are using lithium batteries.
The FAA still does not allow removable lithium batteries on any flights.
Good Luck!!
Look up LiFeP04 batteries.(Marine batteries) They have the same fire rating as lead acid batteries. Other Lithium technologies are not the same. Bob
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Old 12-15-2019, 10:14 PM
Seaark1660 Seaark1660 is offline
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I'd love to have one of those 24v batteries,but that price?Ouch!But a 30lb battery that fits in the same box as a 31 series is awfully tempting.May go that route if I ever need to go 24v TM.
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Old 12-17-2019, 09:10 AM
levonluther levonluther is offline
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Anyone that stumbles upon this thread... See the link above there are 50+ pages at time of me posting with way more valuable information than what I can provide.

Looks like people are using them even for starting batteries. Not sure I'm brave enough for that , or have deep enough pockets for all 4 batteries.

Will be going with 3 12V 50AH or 100AH from lithium hub. Messaged them last night had responses by 805 this morning and when responding another one by 830. 5 year warranty.

I have to buy batteries no matter what so I'm $750 at least to get decent ones. Those would fill my entire box (22x23") by the time I add my starting battery and onboard charger. It would also be north of 300lbs.

If I go with the 50AH setup I can put all the batteries on one side and still have room for some stuff at a total weight of 100#.

3x50AH = $1335 shipped
3x100AH = $2520 shipped
1x125AH = $1025 shipped (what people are using for starting + all other items on boat)

4 bank Charger would be a wash regardless of what way I go
5 year warranty... So that would be at LEAST 1 more set of lead batteries to be purchased.

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Old 12-17-2019, 11:16 AM
KJINTF KJINTF is offline
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You will be very happy with the Li batteries
Loving life while fixing most anything electronic
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Old 12-18-2019, 04:54 PM
zalman zalman is offline
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Originally Posted by GBS View Post
I also forgot to mention about storage charge - you have to keep them at about 50% charge during times of non-use. The Lithium Battery Store says over 2 months. I've seen other places talk about 2 weeks....more research needed.
Note in the manual from the Store that they also warn about using 2 in parallel - voltages have to be within .01 v of each other.
They say they include a meter so you know the charge level. I'd question them about how it works. Lithiums are known for being VERY constant in their output, and then they die really, really fast. So measuring voltage is a very poor way to estimate remaining capacity. It NEEDS to be an ammeter - measuring total amps used, to give you a better idea of how much is left.
Finally, they say operating range is 41 to 95 degrees. No cold weather fishing, or hot weather fishing, then....

The cells inside need to be balanced - each individually charged to the same level, at least periodically. I didn't see where their chargers have that capability. Something else to ask about....

From my experience with the 36V LiFeP04 lithium batteries in my boat, sitting for 3-4 weeks they drop from 100% SOC to 96%-97% SOC. I could leave them off the charger for several months without worry... but I wouldn't do that even with lead acid batteries. The manufacturer states that it can be up to 5% discharge per month when powered down (at 25 degrees (C) / 77 degrees (F)). I haven't seen nearly that much so far.

I have a dedicated Lithium charger (Delta-q) with a proper lithium charge curve and balancing cycle. I can leave it plugged in constantly if I chose to and it will perform a charge and balancing cycle every week automatically and then power down.

I have 4 36V (25ah) batteries in parallel. My batteries are designed to have up to 20 units in parallel but that will depend on the manufacturer's specifications.

The "meter" they are speaking of is probably the same as mine. It is a gauge that plugs into the BMS of the battery and reads %SOC, Ah used, Ah remaining, Voltage, and a few more settings from the BMS in the battery, it doesn't rely on the voltage reading at the posts.

41-95 degrees? that's a narrow band. My brand has a recommended operating discharge temperature range of -4 (f) to 122 (F) so clearly there is a LOT of variation from one manufacturer to the next.
Ranger 620 FS, 250 H.O. Etec G2, 15 H.O. Etec Kicker, Lowrance Carbon HDS12 / HDS9, Discover Battery 15-36-1000 LiFePO4 36V Power
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