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Old 10-05-2021, 02:29 PM
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Default Brag Time-What Was Your Best Shot On a Big Game Animal???

Lots of years hunting but only a couple excellent shots Iíve ever made on a game animal. Most of my kills have been at under 50 yards. Probably my best was a paced off 140 yard shot at a pogo bounding Mule Deer in Wyoming with a 30-06. The shot took out 3-4 inches of spine just behind the lung area. He needed a second shot but he was anchored on the spot. The second best was a Whitetail, 165 yard shot from a solid rest in Michigan, from a ground blind, using a Remington Copper Solid with my 20 gauge Shotgun, single shot rifled bull barrel, New England Arms. Right in the boiler room. Jumped straight up, ran 15 yards, done.
Now I realize that these arenít that impressive but they stand out as MY BEST.

How about yours?
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Old 10-05-2021, 02:48 PM
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NW Colorado. Kneeling shot in snow, at a cow Elk, ranged at 517 yards. 7 Mag piled her up right in her hoof prints. I tried prone but couldn't see over the sage brush, and my bipod wasn't long enough to use while sitting or kneeling. Right through the pump station, long live the beast, the beast was dead. (In my best Ted Nugent voice).
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Old 10-05-2021, 04:31 PM
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Got a couple Deer with my truck over the years.
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Old 10-05-2021, 07:18 PM
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About 4 years ago I had extremely good luck and shot 4 hogs on a 2 1/2 day hunt. All of them were hit right behind the ear and dropped without taking a step. The shots were between 75 to 130 yards, the next year l never saw a pig
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Old 10-15-2021, 09:21 AM
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Holding an arrow back on a buck until I'm shaking so bad I can't believe he doesn't see me, but he just needs to take that one...more...step.

Holding...the shaking spreads from the arms to the legs...now my whole body is almost convulsing. I've held too long and I know if I let the bow down, I won't be able to pull it back again. Gotta hold it. Finally, he takes that one agonizing step...somehow pulling my muscles together enough to minimize the shuddering for a half a second to see the pin in the peep, feel the anchor on my cheek, and send that arrow home.

I've never felt close to feeling as physically and mentally spent after a shot as that one. That's what makes it my best shot.
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