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Old 09-28-2013, 07:50 AM
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Thumbs down Why pro walleye tournaments suck from a fan's perspective!!!

With all the pro walleye tournament circuits folding up and smaller fields and everyone complaining about it and wondering why I just thought I would offer my two cents on the subject from a walleye fan's perspective.

I have followed walleye touraments since 1997 with the PWT and its walleye in-sider which was awesome they always broke down how the pros won the tournament, depth of water, type of cover, trolling jiggging or casting, what type of presentation they used crankbaits, jigs, rigs or whatever, they even showed how new technology helped them catch the tournament winning fish. Then you would watch the tounament coverage on tv and Mark Dorn would pull up right next to the tournament leader and break it down for you on exactly what the leader was doing it was awesome.

So then I would go out and buy alot of this tackle that the top five tournament finisher used and try it on my home waters and in little local team tournaments, Granted I spent a little to much and wife threatend to leave me a few times but thats fishing right. Some times it worked and sometimes it didn't and I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay so I could by more of the latest and greatest tackle.

Now look at the recent article on here about the NWT championship not even one mention on how or what the tournament winner was doing or what he used to win the tournament!!!Another example a couple of years ago my nefu and I took the time to watch the flw live streaming weigh in of a tournament and after first day it was made to seem that the tournament leader was trolling spinner harness and after final weigh in they still didn't break down the presentation and my nefu told me that sucked uncle why did we even waste the time watching this they didn't even show how the winner caught them. Then much later come to find out he was using bass spinnerbaits, its almost as if they were keeping it secret, how can you do this to your fans and sponsors on a professional level just think how many more spinnnerbaits would have been sold if the winner would have showed this after the tournament was over and how many walleye fans could have taken to their home wates trying this new presentation.

Since watching that oahe event my nefu has gone from being a walleye fan to a bass fan, he showed me a live stream of a bass tournament and after the tournament they broke down the exact way the winner caught his fish and what he caught it on no secrets, no waiting months to find out what winner was using, no pissed off fans. Then we could go out buy the lure he used and try it out the next day on our local bass pond. I would think this is how alot of money is made quickly for fishing tackle manufactures, and why they have a pro staff.

What is the point of having pro walleye tournaments if the winning presentation, lure or technique is not shown to the fans right away on the stage when pro is handed trophy. I dont mean to take away credit from the pro who won because I am sure it took alot of hard work and sacrafices to win, but cmon i want somthing that will help me put more walleye in my boat or whats the point of watching walleye tournaments!!!

These are just a couple of examples of why alot of my walleye fishing stuff will be posted on ebay this winter so I can buy a little more bass tackle and why I now have a subscribtion to BASS like my nefu. Hopefully one day a tournament circuit like the PWT will return to walleye fishing.

Just my 2cents worth, take it or leave it.
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Old 09-28-2013, 08:23 AM
Night Caster Night Caster is offline
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Default Totally agree

As a fan and a follower also, the way these new circuits are covering these pro events is terrible. They could probably learn a lot from watching how the bass guys cover a tournament. Your right on when you say that bass guys do a great job in breaking down how, where, & what they were using. You really feel like you could go out and repeat what they were doing and buy the same equipment they were using. We use to learn a lot from watching and reading the PWT. We'll have to wait and see how there on the water video coverage is, and hopefully there's a little more info on there as to what was going on.

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Old 09-28-2013, 02:55 PM
hnd hnd is offline
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because walleye tournaments aren't covered the way you want, you are selling your walleye fishing gear?

ahh i see. that makes perfect sense. i walleye fish because its a blast, not because the professional circuits hands out gps coordinates and tackle manifestos after the tourney is over.

and what on earth is a nefu

AND regarding spinnerbaits, everyone knew after day 1 what the leaders where doing with spinnerbaits. if you didn't you weren't paying attention.
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Old 09-28-2013, 05:48 PM
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My gosh, give he guy a break. All his points are very valid.

Unfortunately there is very little reporting and writing on the walleye circuit these days. You see some info from a few guys reporting how their pre fish went and then they follow up with a report after the event to share what they were doing. Skarlis/Bell/Grothe, the NextBite crew, Kari Solis-BearSolis, are a few.

It would be nice if there were some walleye groupies following the circuits around reporting on things but it is not there. For that to happen someone needs to be able to make some $$$ at it. WC was paying someone to travel to each event but the new owners do not see the benefits to keep doing it.

BASS has a few full time photographers. I have really enjoyed looking at the photos of James Overstreet. Some supurb on the water pics.

In todays walleye world it is basically up to the anglers to keep folks up to date. A lot of the guys share a report after the event on their facebook pages. Some choose not to share because they have another event comming up.

Anyways, I would agree that it is not like the golden era of professional walleye fishing where the general public learned new tactics after a pro event.
Chad Maloy
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Old 09-28-2013, 06:00 PM
Yarhcaz Yarhcaz is offline
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Default Some Hurt Feelings so far

Seems as if the OP has struck a nerve with some. I find his post to be very accurate, well except for giving up on Walleye to chase Bass...that's just plain wrong
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Old 09-28-2013, 06:35 PM
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If you do not agree with a fan, do not kick him in the nuts, bite your tongue. The guy has some valid points, and by blasting him you are probably pissing off 100 laying in the weeds. Ultimately without them, you have no paycheck.
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