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Old 09-17-2021, 03:03 PM
walleyefan9 walleyefan9 is offline
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Default Suffix 832 Advanced lead core and Okuma CW203D

To make a long story short, I had to order an Okuma CW 303D line counter reel, as nobody around here (3 different stores) had any Okuma CW reels in stock, other than the 500 series.

I fish strictly walleye. 30 to 35 feet max for trolling.


I ordered the reel, Okuma CW303D online, and Amazon delivered a CW203D instead.

I'm completely new to the the Okuma CW reels with line counter. First time trying to rig this way.

How many colors of Suffix 832 advanced leadcore 18 lb. line (already purchased a 100 yd. spool...10 colors) can I properly run on a CW203D reel, and will I be happy with this size reel trolling for walleye?

Yes, I can send it back, but it'll take another 10 days to get it here. I'm anxious to get out and try this new setup.

Thanks for any info.

My goal is to get 5 colors each on 2 reels so I have 2 identical trolling reels, both the same reel. Good enough for me. I fish alone 99% of the time. I wanted to try one setup before spending the money on another.
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