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Old 09-18-2021, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by That Minnesota guy View Post
I wonder how much consideration is put into mounting downriggers on these style boats. It would be interesting to talk to a designer sometime on what the manufactures deem important for a Walleye boat.
Thru my eyes, if mfg's really cared we'd have flat transoms with rear casting decks to the transom giving all of us more foot for foot real estate in the cockpits instead of a foot or so of wasted transom space. That's how I see any space that's lost- including tapering gunnels for any reason.

If "multispecies" is thought of rather than "walleye boat", then I've always felt the market opens up to more of us. I don't walleye fish but I do pike-bass-musky-laker ( & salmon some day) fish. I'd debate that new boats around with bow gunnels under 9 or 10" (Vexus nicely tapers to around 3-4" on the DVX22" only helps bass guys pitch & flip. Do walleye guys pitch/flip?

My typical use for downriggers is 2 fold:

1. Lake trout trolling with an option to salmon troll some day maybe
2. Take shallow runners & drop them down 10, 20, 30 feet instead of using deep runners, copper, lead core etc. to reach the same depths. plus I'm in tight control of how far behind the boat I can go.

I like the handling of a deep-v compared to a bass boat hull

Happy fishing!!

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