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Old 05-17-2021, 09:21 AM
Waxy Waxy is offline
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Originally Posted by Flyinghappy View Post
I think you're pretty well at your max. You could have the prop worked by a good prop shop and maybe hit 60 but doubtful. According to your numbers, if you are at 5600 rpm and 57 mph with a 20p prop, you are at 6% prop slip which is really good, especially on an aluminum rig like that. How are you getting your RPM numbers? Is it an analog gauge or a smart gauge/vessel view?
X2 on this. Those are very good numbers for a 20’ aluminum boat with a 225.

Lots of guys make the claim, but not many boats are truly 60mph rigs all day every day, and they’re generally running more than 225HP.

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Old 05-17-2021, 10:05 AM
Flyinghappy Flyinghappy is offline
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Originally Posted by Waxy View Post
X2 on this. Those are very good numbers for a 20’ aluminum boat with a 225.

Lots of guys make the claim, but not many boats are truly 60mph rigs all day every day, and they’re generally running more than 225HP.

Exactly. My 20'6" fiberglass boat with a 250 will bump 62 on a good day with me, 1/2 tank and minimal gear. Full tank, 2 guys (~450 lbs), full livewell and our fishing gear will get about 59.
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Old 05-17-2021, 12:43 PM
Swull Swull is offline
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Originally Posted by Browner121 View Post
2020 1975 pro v with 225 pro xs, came standard with a 19 tempest. Boat did ok 53 mph, 5700 rpm, lots of room for improvement. I put a 20p bravo FS on it. Raised the engine as recommend, seeing 57 mph now, boats instantly on a plane as soon as you hit that throttle, way smoother ride in the chop. For these reasons this prop is great. However in my situation i lost about a 100 rpm. This should be a 60 mph boat all day long. Where do i go from here?
You should double check your numbers.
Are you using your speedometer instead of GPS?
Are you using an analog tach?
A 20 pitch Bravo 1 FS with a 1.75 gear ratio and 5600 rpm should not even be close to 57 mph.
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Old 10-05-2021, 09:08 PM
Idletime Idletime is offline
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HookJaw, I have a 2020 620 Cup Edition, same Merc 250, no tiller. I am having issues with the 5 inch extension in the lower unit changing color, black to brown/gray and the lower cowlings paint blistering. Wonder if you have the same issues? While working through multiple replacements with my dealer we learned my motor has the wrong prop on it as delivered from Ranger.

When we picked up the boat, I filled it with fuel and hit the lake for a couple hour break-in. It hit 57 mph at 5700 rpm, full trimmed (10) and very stable. After loading the boat with all my fishing gear we typically see 55.7 mph (5500 rpm) on the Lowrance and Smart Gauge, boat speedo is roughly 53. Note all three speedo's are GPS driven, so can't explain the difference.
Back to the prop, as I questioned the lack of RPM my dealer asked that I send pictures of the prop and engine mounting. He replied the engine mount was correct but the Tempest 21P should be a Bravo 22P. He has ordered one for me to try, it is due in March 2022.
Also wonder what you digital trim indicator on the Smart Gauge shows. When new, full trim was 10, after the dealer replaced the 5 inch extension it now stops a 9.5. Though not at 9.5 and 55.7 mph we are not as stable as before, a couple of bumps down on the trim and we are rock solid again.
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Old 10-17-2021, 04:21 PM
Hookjaw Hookjaw is offline
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Idletime , I just saw this. I have not had any discoloration of the 5 inch extension , but I did have some paint blistering on the flat gray paint paint on the top of the Cav plate. Mercury is taking care of the problem. I sent u a PM
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Old 10-29-2021, 06:24 AM
Fishin24X7 Fishin24X7 is offline
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Originally Posted by Hookjaw View Post
Hello, I’m trying to go a different direction from the other Ranger 620 question currently on the forum. I have a 2019 Ranger 620 FS with 15 kicker, 36 volt , 250 v8. Im looking for opinions on 4 blade props with the new 250 Pro XS V8 . My factory setup came with a Tempest 21 with the motor in the middle hole. This yielded 5800 RPMs with 51 mph. I moved the engine up one hole (No Jackplate). This gave me 6100 Rpm with 53 mph but handling sucks, hole shot is poor as well as poor rough water ride. I would like to move to a 4 blade prop. I fish on Lake Michigan and the long spaced out large waves are hard to run on with any boat. If I’m already close to the max Rpm on the Pro XS V8 would I just move up 1” of pitch when moving to a Rev 4 or Bravo FS? Thanks for any advice.
I have the same boat as you with same issues. I am also in Wisconsin and primarily fish Green Bay. I have been talking to the other gentleman your referencing on this forum. Check out a few photos I uploaded to my album from a gentleman in Canada. I am in the early stages of trying to resolve this issue. Hopefully we can help each other out.
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