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Old 12-06-2008, 02:19 PM
Vikings Fan
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Question Co-Angler Value

It would appear that AIM definitely needs the co-anglers for the $25,000.00 combined that they would contribute to the the operation of AIM for each tournament. Beyond that it would appear at least to me you co-anglers are what you are. Just that an amateur riding along in a pros world. Don't kid yourself though, to potential sponsors you co-anglers are very valuable retail consumers and purchasers of end product. Which is why the FLW goes out of their way to promote and reward co-anglers. In my opinion, AIM needs to reevaluate the role of the co-angler in their format if they are to be competitive and attract potential sponsors to the AIM circuit. You co-anglers carry more clout than you are being given credit for now and in the past. A co-anglers value has become even more important in these uncertain economic times.
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Old 12-06-2008, 02:49 PM
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Default Please

Right now AIM is nothing, they exist in name only. They have never held an event. Never promoted a sponsor. They, as a business not a group of anglers, haven't accomplished anything except terrible PR and communications.

Good luck to them, but frankly this is a slap in the face to co-anglers, and a insult to the fans who want to watch their sports heroes do what they do best, fish. I won't tune in to watch a couple of guys holding up a snapshot of a fish being squeezed down onto a measuring stick so it'll hold still for someone to take a crappy photo.

Big step backwards for tournament fishing in general. Looks like a bunch of desperate folks who are scrambling to keep their relevancy in this tough business.
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Old 12-06-2008, 03:51 PM
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I dont know, I think it has merit.

the PWT format did not work in these times, or they would still be around.

To pay $250 to fish with a pro in a big time tourney? How much does it cost to fish with a guide for 2 days?

I dont know since I never have fished with a guide.

I just think its worth a try. Not sure about the no weigh in, but like anything if you dont try you will never know

this is just another venue, if they did not try it, then what? I dont see a lot of guys lining up to try thier own venture.

if you dont like the terms then dont fish it, pretty simple.

give them a chance

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Old 12-06-2008, 03:57 PM
Funny You
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Default God forbid

If I recall right or hear right, 4 of the 7 founders of AIM have been and still are full time FLW Pro's. God forbid those guys do something contrary to FLW!

Too funny
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Old 12-06-2008, 04:10 PM
Jason Erlandson Jason Erlandson is offline
Slot Fish
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I have fished as a co angler and it is a great experience. I am not sold on some of the ideas of the new AIM circuit. I think there will be some issues with the system. What will drive the co anglers to compete hard? It can be a long day on the water for some COs. If there is no incentive for them to keep fishing I think that we will see many of them take a break/nap in the boat, and the pro will be fishing solo. I've heard some horror stories from the pros in the standard pro am format, that will only increase with the change. I do like the idea that the tournaments will not be limited by any sort of slot regulations. That will really open up the choice of lakes/rivers for tournaments. There are some awesome fisheries with tight regulations for keeping fish. If everything is released all of these fisheries will be fair game for tourneys. I love the idea of fishing some fresh waters.

Jason Erlandson
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Old 12-06-2008, 05:47 PM
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Default Guest

I seriously can't wait for the moment everyone of you that is talking negatively about AIM has to eat crow.

I think the decision to implement this new "Catch, Record, Release" format is a great innovative step within the tournament scene. I think the most important aspect is that the anglers are behind this format, then it will work. If you don't have the sponsors behind it, then you won't have the anglers, then you don't have a tournament circuit. I really don't think it will be hard finding co-anglers wanting to spend two days in a boat with the most serious professional walleye pros out there for $250.

Everyone of you talking negatively, I sure hope none of you take the time to fish the circuit. AIM is working there best to provide you and I another circuit/format to be able to have the opportunity to fish with some of the world's best walleye guys and learn new techniques on some of the best walleye waters in the country.

For those who are all about the prizes, then I highly suggest you don't fish it. Your losing your hindsight of the experience of being a co-angler. Your talking $250 to fish with the most serious walleye fisherman in the world and your complaining? Some of these guys guide, where the cost to hire them is $350+ a day, plus tips. Then, not to mention the opportunity to fish with hall of fame guys like Parsons and Kavejecz, Gary Roach and others.

It's hard to believe that people complain because the PWT went under, they complain for reasons about the FLW, and now a new show in town is trying to offer us a new format your going to criticize? Just unbelievable.

This is a new organization, they are providing us information as fast as they can. If you don't have the information to share, how can they share anything? It's a new circuit, it's going to take time. None of this stuff happens overnight.

Anyhow, lighten up and give this organization a chance. How do you know it won't work? Obviously the PWT couldn't keep it going so it wasn't working there. I'm sure AIM will have there ups and downs as expected in any new business, especially in this economy, but give it a chance. I personally can't wait for more.

Last edited by Juls; 12-06-2008 at 06:46 PM. Reason: No swearing allowed
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Old 12-06-2008, 07:18 PM
orchard frank orchard frank is offline
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Default Best Wishes

I hope the AIM format succeeds. Sounds like most of the competitors will be people who have made a committment to the circuit, both with time and money. I think that name recognition can be a positive thing. The release system addresses the "tournaments kill too many fish" mind set that exists amoung some walleye fishermen and allows for the biggest fish to win, regardless of local regulations and slot limits. Every time I catch a 22 1/2" fish here on LBDN, I often think "there is a tourney fish". Also, it sounds as if the dates are set to coincide with local festivals, which could help to draw crowds and interest. Best wishes to all those involved.
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Old 12-07-2008, 09:59 AM
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Default Kudo's to AIM

Reading thru the negative replies supports the well known, well documented notion that people strongly resist CHANGE..... Not sure how many walleye central readers are involved in business but those that employee or work with employees know how much stress CHANGE creates. After all who looks forward to the unknown? Not many.... this has been documented in hundreds of thousands of books that are available on-line or at your local Barnes and Noble.

AIM is all about change. I can't tell you how many anglers I've heard complain about slot tournaments and some anglers even go as far as not competing in slot derbies. This new format will allow the angler that's on the "best" fish to win. Not the guy who got lucky and stroked that big kicker or two..... Who hasn't heard first hand about all the fish that tournament anglers KILL! (Even though local angler billy bob takes 6 walleyes 3 to 4 times a week 40 weeks out of the year. You do the math.)

Cheating? It never ceases to amaze me the lack of integrity that surrounds tournament angling. If there's some way to bend the rules there is always someone drooling over the opportunity to live life with NO integrity at all..... Sad! I sure hope those anglers go broke in these tough times and that will eliminate them all together. Not sure how else you can control such low lifes.

Co-anglers? I played the co-dangler game in the RCL/FLW for 4 years. I think you are heading into this with the wrong attitude if you "expect" to make money. This has been said many times but go into each event to learn something new about a technique/body of water/tournament strategy/etc.... Find a couple buddies and have some fun by hooking up with a couple days of pre-fishing in addition to the derby. Should be one of the most fun weeks of angling you'll ever experience. If not you've picked the wrong buddies or are in this for all the wrong reasons. Life is short, have some fun........

PWT? Many keep referring to the PWT. Guess what folks that horse left town and ain't coming back. Get over it!

I highly suggest people get behind AIM or shut up and fish...... These new format changes could lead to new opportunities for anglers (both pro and sportsmen) and sponsors. How can anyone argue with that being a win/win situation....

Time to drill a few holes.....
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Old 12-07-2008, 10:26 AM
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Default AIM Format?

What you AIM (founding Pro's) don't realize is that a Co-Angler is your customer, not your camera-caddy. Let's see, you're automatically labeled an "Amateur" (nothing changed here from the PWT). Your responsibility is to take photos of the Pro's fish at the "honor" of being a "Caddy" for 2 or 3 days. And all for only $250 to be in the running for a raffle - consolation prize. AIM is not promoting a Co to move up into the Pro ranks, thus are holding the Co back, using their money to operate the tournament; and twisting the of words around to explain that your competitiveness is negligible, and no tangible prize that is wanted by any Co. - all for the "honor" of being a "team-mate" for the day. Your arrogance precedes your "elite pro status" where ever you go. You Pros preach the positive of how a Co will learn many techniques, methods, secrets, etc., from the Pros. What a bunch of crap. What is a Co to do after fishing a year or two, and learning 90% - 95% of what a Pro does to catch fish. Most Pros have no honor, no trust, no integrity and no credibility to fairness and competitiveness for whatever the sport may be. I state this for what I have seen and heard over my 3 years as a Co-angler. I have yet to NOT hear teammates conversing over bait, tackle, presentation method, locations fished on Day 1 or 2 of the tournament, etc. And all this conversing going on after the start of the tournament.
Fishing is not rocket science, its only fishing. Your self-proclaimed "Elitist Pro Status" bubble needs to be popped so that you can descend back to earth along with the rest of the commoners. I guess your discounting and discrediting the experience Co for a novice - newer Co (oops, that's ametuer). Let's call a spade a spade here. Don't hide behind the issue of preserving the competitive fishing industry (or whatever else you're proclaiming). You're not really after the tournament prize money (I hear) as you are trying to maintain sponsorship.
What ought to be the real name of the AIM format? Pro – Am, Pro – Observer, Pro – Am Caddy. I know, how about the “Pro – Co-Caddy”. It’s got a ring to it and better describes the “Real” format.
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Old 12-07-2008, 01:18 PM
Brophy II
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first of all hope to never draw a guy like....aim sounds all good except the weight in part of it...is that going to be accurate at all.
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