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Old 07-21-2021, 09:35 AM
EasternWashingtonBoater EasternWashingtonBoater is offline
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Originally Posted by EasternWashingtonBoater View Post
I recommend taking the time to understand the titling rules. I imported my boat from Idaho - that's a rather arduous process because Idaho titles only the boat - but not the trailer. In my case, I bought a used boat from a dealership (original seller) in Idaho that provided a nice certificate for my trailer so it flew through titling. But if it wasn't for that, I'd have made trips to the State Patrol so they could look at the trailer, made sure it has a VIN, etc., and then done a three-year wait holding a provisional title, paying a bit of money each step.

It's little snags like that can foul up your day ...
Originally Posted by kanejoyce View Post
I recommend spending some time learning about the titling rules. I imported my boat from Idaho, which was a difficult procedure because Idaho only titles the boat, not the trailer. In my situation, I purchased a used boat from a dealership (original seller) in Idaho, which gave a good certificate for my trailer, thus it went through titling quickly.

The post above this one on the previous page is blatant plagiarism. Wow. How weird.
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Old 07-23-2021, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by reclending View Post
"to say they don't know the difference between dry weight and GVWR would be like saying the majority of the people in your business don't understand the difference between simple vs compound interest."

Just telling you what we see in finishing 1200 loans last year. I NEVER SAY ALL - I SAID AVERAGE!! Obviously your wife is well above average. We work with states all over the country and some are worse than others. I am glad your wife was very competent, I only wish she worked in all the offices we deal with.
the workers at our license branch were not even close to average. I spent hours trying to convince up to 6 workers that trailers in wi did not require titles under 3000#. but here in Indiana, they all said the same thing, that I had to have a title from Wi to title it in Indiana. the book they had said all trailers registered in Wi had to have a title and that's the way it stood until one young lady kept reading the book. about a page later it said trailers under 3000# did not require a title. then they said that didn't pertain to me because my trailer was registered it had to be titled. but I kept showing them the book where it said any trailer under 3000# did not need a title. and they finally gave in and gave me a title. this is a state license branch with workers that's been there for yrs and didn't know the law. even with a book it took a junior employee to find it in the book.
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Old 09-22-2021, 11:03 AM
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I would also check into warranty coverage. Contact the Manufacturer.
See if you can take it to ANY dealer.

I ran into an issue (ongoing as well) where the local Crestliner dealer in Coopersville Michgan, lynden sports would not honor the Crestlinerr Limited Life Time Warranty, becasue "I did not buy the boat from him"

He told me I had to take it to the dealer I bought it from, I advised him that I bought the boat from a PERSON, not a dealer, & per Crestliners web page, he is my closest dealer", I was then told, "Not my Problem".

Ended up making phone calls and some reseach, and actully took my boat from Michigan to Wisconsin, 5.5 to get service. I called Kens Sports in Wisconsin, expalined to them what was going on, and got the follwoing "You get us the boat, we will help you get it fixed"

5.5 hours away, from some basic respect, you betchca, I drove my boat to their location.

But that aside, check into the warranty coverage as well.

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