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Old 03-03-2017, 07:36 AM
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Default Ice fishing wheel houses

Yup, I know... but I think I'll get more of a look here than the ice fishing forum.

While I've got a full-on 5th wheel, any it's pretty good sized, I'm thinking about a wheel house, with a drop down single axle and a large fold down ramp door or double doors in the back. I would probably use this more as a cargo trailer and a camper than a fish house. I have a smaller cargo trailer that I sue and sleep inside on a cot, cooking on the tailgate of the pickup, with no heat or air. Thinking about a little more comfort.

For those of you that use these as campers and cargo trailers, how much do you actually pull them vs stay in them for camping or fishing? Since I'm using this as a cargo trailer as well, durability of the axle system, ease of use, and the ability of the axle system and the ability to hold alignment is my concern. I've seen a number of these going down the road riding on the inner half of both tires, with the axle system so far out of alignment/true it's not funny.

Am I only seeing really old wheel houses with older technology? Is this issue a problem with more current mfg houses? Anything to look for? Horror stories? I'd be looking at a single axle system, prob 14 or 16 ft, the ability to get a wheeler inside.

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