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Old 11-06-2019, 09:13 AM
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Default Lund Transom Warranty????

Why does Lund not back their Transoms?

I am very disappointed in the response that I received from Lund on my failing transom. I purchased a 2007 Lund 16ft Explorer tiller on 6/04/2015. this boat had not been in the water since June of 2016 when my wife had bypass surgery. I was unable to use it because I had to take care of her. She passed away on January 17th of this year so I was able to get the boat out again this spring when I was informed of the failing Transom. I was informed by Lund that since I had not transferred the ownership to me (I was not informed of this when I purchased the boat) that the lifetime warranty was only good for the original owner and expired after 10 years for other than the original owners. I would have thought that under my circumstances that Lund might at least supply a transom to cover the defective one that had failed.
2007 16 ft Lund Explorer Tiller 60hp Yamaha 4stroke
Solix 15, Onix10 si, Terova iLink, Transom 360
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Old 11-06-2019, 01:33 PM
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Condolences on the passing of your wife.
Lund has a explicit warranty policy and can't make exceptions, or it wouldn't be a policy. If you bought the boat from a dealer second hand they should have informed you of needing to transfer the warranty.
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Old 11-06-2019, 02:15 PM
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Very sorry for your loss. Can't imagine losing my wife even after just 32 years (so far). In our business we very often find people that are buying a boat and becoming the third or fourth owner. A great number of these even have the engine warranty in the original guys name.
Any manufacturer (not just marine) has to follow a specific procedure for warranty. If they go off the code for one, then comes all. Also, the same people that built your boat are not the ownership group that owns it today. I bet if you gave them a chance, they might do something at a discount in-house to help. Doing a repair that way at a reduced cost could be a win win.
One more phone call sure will not hurt.
Again, sorry for the loss.
Thank you,
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Old 11-06-2019, 05:14 PM
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My condolences on the loss of your wife.
Unfortunately the transom warranty and transom rot issues from the last years of the Genmar era have been discussed in hundreds of threads here on W.C.
There have also been many threads on here and several mid-west based fishing sites I read about the need to transfer warranties on many makes of boats and outboards when you are the not the original owner. Their warranties are spelled out pretty clearly if you read them.
The problem ain't what people don't know. It's what they know that ain't so.
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Old 05-20-2020, 07:11 PM
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I’m so glad they stopped making them out of wood. I have many fond memories of watching my uncles struggle fixing and reenforcing the wooden transoms of their center console fishing boats. I think I picked up most of my vulgar language watching them, lol.
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