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Old 10-17-2011, 08:59 AM
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With respect to the steering.
1. Tilt up the motor all of the way and if you have grease zerks on your motor mounts, be sure to grease them well. You will often find two or 4 zerks on the mounts. Generally two for the up and down and two for the side to side.

2. Get a can of wd-40 and start to spray down the steering tube. Have someone help you and rotate the motor full in one direction, so that as much of the steering tube is exposed as poosible. Wet down the tube several times with wd-40 and then wipe it off.
Then wet the tube down again, and run the tube fully in and out several times.
When it is out, wipe down the tube again. Repeat this procedure about 10 times to be sure than any grease reside that might be on the steering tube and or on the inside of the tube has been removed by use of the wd-40 which acts as a good grease cleaner.
Leave the steering tube with a bit of wd-40 on it, if you are not going to be driving on dusty roads. If you are going to be driving on dusty roads, you are better off wiping off the tube, or it will attract dirt and drive the dirt inside the tube.

Once you have greased the motor mounts and cleaned and lubed the steering tube, check the steering on the boat.

If there is much stiffness at all in the steering, you will need to keep an eye on it, because you may have some rust that has formed inside the tube. There is nothing that you can do with rust inside the steering tube, except to replace the steering tube, if the steering locks up or breaks.

Just be advised, that except for a couple of types of steering, the steering should not be stiff. So if it is for your boat, be aware that steering tube replacement may be in store for you somewhere down the line.

Good luck and am glad that you ahve resolved your issues.

Take care
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