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Old 10-20-2021, 02:44 PM
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My boat's going to get oils changed, depth finders, rods and tackle, and everything in the glove compartment taken out and moved into my man cave for winter maintenance and cleanup this weekend. There are many things I like about fall fishing but the unpredictability of the weather and getting caught by cold weather and snow prior to winterizing is something that I don't like. I told myself a few years ago that I wouldn't let it happen again.
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Old 10-20-2021, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by trapin View Post
For all of you living in the North, curious what the consensus is here in regards to how far to push it before it's time to winterize. My original plan was to put it away the first week of November, now I'm feeling bold and might want to stretch it to December 1st (provided Mother Nature doesn't lose her ****e before then). I keep my boat outside in a storage yard so I'm thinking...the motor is self-bailing so if I just keep it in the down position when storing and just shut down the livewells and winterize those, I might be able to do this. You guys/girls that store outside in the North, how far into November/December do you go and what precautions do you take?
I do annual maintenance/upgrades in Mid July through August...just added tracks/holders to my walleye boat, had some motor work and small other isues handled. Bass boat got a pair of new 12" Birds and networked to the Utrex. I dont "winterize" ever. I'll fish all winter, when it freezes, I just wait for it to unfreeze. last winter that was more than a month and hitting low of -35 for a week.
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Old 10-21-2021, 12:44 PM
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I've fished Burt and Mullet Lakes well into December without any trouble. I will say that a friend that was fishing Little Bay De Noc during deer season got a big surprise though. Continuously ran his live well which overflowed into the bilge. Boat took on lots of water. Turned on bilge pump only to find that it wouldn't run. Frozen. Luckily he made it back to the launch with only a couple hundred gallons of water to remove. He was out the next day by the way.
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Old 10-22-2021, 10:25 PM
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Dec 1

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Old 10-22-2021, 11:18 PM
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Northern Alberta here. One of our larger lakes didnít freeze over until close to Christmas last year. We fished lake trout December 4th.

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Old 10-23-2021, 06:51 AM
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If you can go fishing go. Take a friend if there is a die hard in your area. Make a list of things to check and make sure you refer to it every time you go out. I am an absent minded person and have routines and find that when I break routine then I forget key things. Dress warmly, today's clothes are fabulous for cold water excursions. I have two boats with one being a tiller that I use exclusively for winter fishing. Being in the boat on the water in the dead of winter is awesome! Thanks to another members suggestion I have a motorcycle helmet that I wear when running in cold weather. It makes getting through winter so much easier.
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Old 10-23-2021, 07:30 AM
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Don't you guys wrap your boat in heat tape so you can drive through the ice? I put it on the floor and steering wheel also to keep my hands and feet warm. #my 620 fs ranger cup all year long
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Old 10-23-2021, 02:06 PM
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When I lived in the BaydeNoc area, used to fish pretty late. Usually a run of the big girls when it got cold. Well before then, I would plug all the live well intakes with expandable plumbers plugs, after draining and blowing everything out. Kept fish went into an ice chest. After pulling the boat and letting the engine drain in in the down position, I would briefly turn it over a few times with the kill switch off to prevent starting (usually a little more water would dribble out). Did the same with the kicker. Also would put a little rv antifreeze in the bilge pumps and lines. Luckily,, my boat was dry, didn't collect any water in the bilge, unless raining. Pull the plug for the trip home, check it the next day. In that area, there were quite a few close calls from folks who would have the lines to the livewells or bilge pumps freeze and burst during the night, even after draining, or the pumps themselves freeze and break.
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Old 10-25-2021, 10:48 AM
buckmaster7600 buckmaster7600 is online now
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I live in northern New York and fish until the big lake freezes, some years it never does. I have fished in below zero temps without issue.

The only thing I worry about is the ramp but I run studded tires and bring sand so itís not much of a worry. Just bring a sludge hammer and bar to break up ice at launch.

Iíve never winterized a boat and never had an issue with storage, itís stored in a pole barn without heat. Only time I ever had any trouble was with my Etec if it was below freezing it would go into limp mode. Dealers never figured it out so it went down the road.

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