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Old 02-06-2020, 07:49 PM
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Default Northern Pike Cold Front Mystery

Northern Pike fishing on Lac La Biche Lake in Northern Alberta during a Cold Snap in the early days of January 2020. My brother and I headed out to the lake despite falling temperatures and wind chill that could freeze the most enthusiastic soul. Despite the cold conditions looked great for fishing. Clear skies, wind calming throughout the day and a Full moon on the rise. While most of our big fish have been caught during full moon phases you'll have to see what happens with this day. No matter how difficult it was to take down, drill holes and repeat we kept doing it till we started marking fish. Once we found the fish the strangest behaviour was encountered for this lake. We are used to aggressive feaders in this lake on large baits like anchovies, herring, spoons and swimbaits. Today... well watch the video and please tell me what we were doing wrong. We figure the fish were displaced off any type of shallower structure and hidding on deeper water drops and basins. I'm not even sure if we found them there if they would have been biting. I let this video so you can see the thought process as we move through a tough day. I know you're used to seeing lots of fish caught and making it look easy. I know it makes some people discouraged. Trust me though we have our tough fishing as well. We are human and I think this video goes to show there is a lot more at play some days than we probably even realize.

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