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Old 05-05-2021, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Marty59 View Post
For car dealers, yes the sale is important but not as important as the service revenue. From Edmunds:


According to NADA, nearly 37 percent of a dealership's gross profit comes from the sale

I'm not sure I'd equate boat sales & car sales in the same bucket. Like I said above, a dealer with slips can sell 4 or 5 pontoons, have secondary income from winter storage, not need to deal with trailers & have supportive income from slips. No fuss, no muss, steady income

For dealers in less populated parts of the country, I'd think service should matter to them unlike NY/NJ/CT dealers.

I've called Vexus, left vmail. Sent multiple emails...they actually called me back & are getting me things like weights, chine widths & distance from water surface to the bow. I am impressed! Ranger says "call your dealer" when I asked about chine widths on the 620-622 boats; that's a pretty basic spec. I've left messages at multiple dealers with only 1 calling me back & then I have to keep following up because that dealer (CT) has a customer's Vexus due to arrive in July & I want to look at it 1st hand before plunking a deposit.

They have nothing in place to follow up with potential customers. I'm probably over sensitized to "we have no way to follow up" themes because I wrote software that does exactly that. Exactly that.

It's 2021- through my eyes any dealer should be able to- and have the desire to- contact potential customers like all of us posting here to snag that sale & a desire to keep us as customers through service. 10 customers walk, 10 new ones come in. If they can sell from inventory instead of placing that custom order, better for them maybe because they're not tying up any inventory $$ or paying interest.

ORRRRR am I thinking from a deep left field & just need to accept the fact that as high end boat customers, most of us really don't matter after the sale?

Do we matter?

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Old Today, 02:10 PM
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The problems are the result of a couple of realities that never change
1) The crush is seasonal in most places
2) Marine Techs are hard to come by..

Thus, most dealers' service departments...of necessity, have a prioity system.
Bear in mind, the customer who has purchased product from the dealer always has priority (and rightly so)

For many dealers, here is a typical example of a logical pecking order:
-Top priority is a client who purchased a boat from the dealer and is having issues.
-Next is a customer with a new boat that has arrived at the dealership but is not yet delivered to the buyer.
-Third is for a client whose job needed parts ,,,and the parts are now on hand.
- Next... if possible ...help folks in a jamb. no matter where they bought the boat.
- Then everybody else, as you can fit them in.

It isn't easy. Especially in point of use locations where your customer may drive an hour or two (Or more) each way to do business.

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