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Old 08-16-2021, 07:57 AM
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Default TH Marine high speed pickup

So on my Ranger i have the TH marine EZ pick up . All the info i can find on this shows most boat companies incorporate this with a pump,which Ranger doesn't, it seems it is a direct feed up the hose and into the livewell. My issue is the unit keeps sliding up my transom and it doesn't work when this happens. As far as i can tell the unit needs to be just below the hull to catch and force water up the hose. Am i right in this and short of a 3 inch ardox how to i stop the dang thing from sliding up the transom? I tried 3700 and that didn't work. I can't be alone in this. I may fabricate something on my own.
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Old 08-16-2021, 04:32 PM
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Here is a picture of the high speed pickup that I made some years ago that cost me about $2 and is trouble free and works perfectly every time I am on the water:


Basically, I unscrewed the screen that is in the livewell inlet pipe.

Then, I took a plastic right angle hose connector and screwed it onto the livewell inlet pipe.

Then I took a straight edge and holding the straight edge n the under side of the hull i had it extend out past the new angle pipe screwed onto the livewell pickup.

Basically a person need about 1/4 inch of the plastic pipe to be in the water at the aft edge of the angle.

Then the pipe is cut so that starting at the back edge of the plastic pipe, the cut bottom of the pipe extends up to be at the same edge as the bottom of the hull.

Inexpensive, simple and fool proof. In all of the years since implementing this, I have not had a failure.

If I remove the shut off adjusting plug on the inside of the livewell, the water will shoot out about 15 feet if running flat out across a big body of water. So, normally when running, I pull the drain plug in the boat, adjust the incoming flow rate of the water from the livewell to just keep the livewell full. As a result, the livewell is constantly being drained and refilled with fresh water as we fly back to our next location, or our home dock. But, a half mile or so before stopping, I will stop, insert the drain plug and then carry on. The high speed pick up will keep filling the livewell to the overflow pipe and then, continue in that mode. If the next stop is a slow moving fishing spot, I will flip the livewell switch on cycle so that fresh water is being added every 5 minutes - which is what my timer is for. But, because the livewell was constantly being flushed as we flew across the water at high speed, the livewell is clean of any junk from the fish or the waters and thus, much easier to maintain.

Best wishes

I understand and realize that my system has no compatible changes to what you have, but you can certainly remove what you have and add the simple right angle to your livewell pickup if you would choose to do so.
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