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Old 06-01-2021, 05:20 PM
Anonymouse Anonymouse is offline
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Default Madison WI Yahara chain seat or 2 open

• Are you a lazy fisherman?
• Do you enjoy parking the boat on a known hot spot and waiting for the walleyes to find YOU, while occasionally hooking up with various trash species like northern, muskie, white bass, smallmouth bass, & the occasional mudpuppy (Also known as Waterdog - Necturus maculosus)?
• Can you handle fishing all day from mid-morning until dark, capturing the boat, and heading home after 8 PM?
• Can you enjoy getting skunked (walleyes) often enough that you swear someone must have already caught them all?
• Can you handle days where you throw back 100 walleyes and never see a legal 15"/18" one?
• Can you handle hooking up with a 10# plus old sow on 4# or 6# test (if yer using Anonymouse's gear)?
• Can you handle a fishing partner who MIGHT, maybe, talk a little too much?
• Can you deal with a cost-sharing agreement where you bring the bait (a couple dozen fathead minnows and a couple dozen night crawlers) and Anonymouse brings the boat, fully fueled and rarin' to go, and help launch the sucker by sitting in it and holding onto the dock rope?

Then you might just be in luck, because the Mrs. doesn't particularly enjoy going out when it's a little chilly or a little too windy, but Anonymouse likes fishing enough that it doesn't bother him all that much - but doesn't particularly like sitting in his Starcraft 2212LX cuddy all alone.
(It's really more the launching it by hisself that is a PitA, because a 22' cuddy is a big boat to launch AND catch dockside AND park the truck and trailer after launching, all by oneself.)
Up to 2 open seats, so bring yer BFF, or yer kid, if ya want.

3 lakes, each with a different style of walleye fishing working best on it, in the Yahara chain in Madison, WI.
With 40 years of experience on the Yahara chain Anonymouse isn't fussy and is content to fish whichever style and location YOU prefer - albeit Anonymouse doesn't have any planer board or rod-holder setups for trolling multiple lines but can handle the boat to allow for a MAX of 4 lines out while slow-rolling whatever drag bait you prefer.

Young, old (like 67 y.o. moi), or in-between it's all the same (no unaccompanied hottie MILFs though - the Mrs. & all, and Anonymouse is STILL living down his "Romeo-the Slut" reputation from 40 years ago).
Anonymouse can tolerate and/or enjoy the company of just about anyone except the dedicated arsehole "hater" types.
If you just love fishin', & "catchin' " is a secondary concern, then we be good.
(Not exact boat, but nearly identical - to give you some idea of what you'd be fishing out of.)
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